Upon receiving approval for 108% financing to buy the business of her dreams Patti C. of Orlando, FL said, “I keep thinking I am going to wake up from this dream.”

At our first meeting, Jackie R. of LA said, “I am on my third accountant because no one has been able to tell me if I am making money or not.” After seeing the completion of Beyond Breakeven’s Pro Forma for his business, Mr. R. said, “For the first time, I understand the numbers of my business. You are not charging enough!”

After we showed him how to buy a restaurant with none of his own money, Steve A. of Ocean Springs, MS said, “This beats the heck out of the Carleton Sheets program!”

When we negotiated a $10,000 buyout of a business worth over $100,000 and then located much of the funding, Jamie K. said, “I never thought that I could get into business with such little money, and I never thought I would own a business at age 24!”

After receiving the due diligence information and financial assessment of the restaurant they wanted to buy, Mr. & Mrs. M. of Covington, LA said, “Ed Keels and his company saved us from making the biggest mistake of our lives.”

Once Beyond Breakeven valued the business, negotiated the terms of sale of one brother’s interest to the other, then provided financing for the deal, Lawrence L. said, “They taught us a lot and we could never have done this without their help.”

Hear from some of our other clients that we’ve helped over the years below:

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