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Beyond Breakeven, Inc.’s history since 2003, of commitment to customer satisfaction and over-delivering, has earned the company a Better Business Bureau, (BBB) A+ Accredited business rating. Additionally, the company has a five star Yelp rating and numerous positive comments on Yelp and the BBB website.

The company excels at customer service and exceeds expectations, in part because it first has policies and procedures for carefully assessing projects before agreeing to work on them.  That process starts with a free client consultation where the wannabe business owner is able to meet with a project screener and speak freely about the merits of his or her project.  Together they explore the project challenges and possibilities for overcoming those roadblocks.  During that exploratory and problem solving meeting, the likelihood of project success is determined and the project is either accepted or not.  It is this careful vetting of projects and policy of only accepting ones that are viable with coachable, serious and decisive wannabe business owners, that results in a high success rate.

BBI’s detailed screening process allows them to only accept about one out of every fifty applicants.  Upon acceptance, clients are provided professional services that include business valuations, forensic accounting, deal structures, buyout contracts, business plan development, business entity formation, enhancement of personal credit scores and development of business credit, etc. Doing this work in-house at Beyond Breakeven, Inc., gets this critical work done professionally, quickly and without the high cost of individual service providers, which typically saves wannabe business owners more than $30,000.

Once a start-up business concept has been fully developed or an acquisition agreement signed, the project culminates with multiple funding options that are appropriate for the project and its ability to service debt. It is through this stacking of financial building blocks strategy that securing 100% of the money needed to fund a project can be achieved.  The secret to complete business funding lies in preparing and positioning the entrepreneur and the project for loan approvals, along with bringing the LBO (leveraged buyout) strategies of Wall Street deals to Main Street small businesses. This means leveraging the assets of the business, not the buyer, to get the business deal done.  Even more advantageously, the project funding options included in the final funding plan typically do not require collateral, experience, high personal income or down payment money from the potential borrower’s own funds.

Since the biggest roadblock to starting or buying the business of one’s dreams is getting the money, serial entrepreneur, Ed Keels, set out years ago to solve that problem for himself and the benefit of his own projects.  After having owned many businesses, including one that provided inventory management and loss prevention services and another that trained bankers regarding their own financial products, in 2003 at the age of 49 he founded Beyond Breakeven, Inc.  To date, he has developed over 100 ways to fund the start-up or purchase of a business and do so with none of the principle’s money.

With a history of having owned, started, managed, etc., over twenty businesses, Mr. Keels was told many times that his projects simply did not fit the bank lending criteria.  So, in almost every business he had to find and use funding methods that were alternatives to bank funding. Using a little of his college education in business and psychology and relying much on his business experience, developed a proven system for getting everything that needed to be done, and cost effectively.  Most importantly, the system provided funding options that did not require down payment money having to come from the borrower’s own funds.  This system and resources are what he and his company share with challenged and struggling, wannabe entrepreneurs.  Mr. Keels has been quoted as saying, “What we are most proud of is being able to help people get into business, whom we are sure could not have gotten there without our help.  Changing lives is a mission worth living.”  Many of those projects can be found on the company’s page at…  www.Facebook.com/BeyondBreakeven

Despite continuous and exhaustive research, to date, no other company has been identified that provides the comprehensive services that Beyond Breakeven, Inc. provides. The BBI process puts a typical client in a business start up or acquisition without them having to figure it all out on their own, without having to spend $30K or more for professional services, and without them having to put their life savings into the deal in the form of a loan down payment of 20% or more.  And, that level of service remains unmatched.

Funding is supremely important and there may be no one better than Mr. Keels in assisting with that, as he is not only the author of numerous business programs, tools and business education programs, but he is also a nationally recognized and pre-eminent expert regarding small business start-ups, acquisitions and 100% business funding.




Since statistics say a high percentage of businesses fail in their first year, BBI considers securing funding to be only half the battle.  The funding might get one into business, but without a plan for how that money is to be used the likelihood of staying in business is slim.  For that reason, BBI is very keen on planning, preparation and operations training.  Mr. Keels is a firm believer in the Steven Spielberg definition of success, which is “when opportunity meets preparedness”.

So, because of this belief, BBI training is designed to educate to the degree that their clients become knowledgeable beyond that of the business broker, seller and or other professionals involved and therefore be the smartest person in the room.  After all, it is the client whose future is on the line; it is the client who is committing to debt and risk, so it should be the BBI client who is the smartest person in the room. To that end, the company has eleven training videos on the business start-up and buying process that are available at no charge by clicking the “Get Funded Now” button on their page at www.IfTheBankSaysNo.com

Here are a few of those videos:

Due to this commitment and focus on education, BBI was approached by producers of the PBS television show “Breakthroughs with Martin Sheen” to do a public service television show on the subject of business breakthroughs.  Specifically, the theme of the show was Mr. Keels’ business funding concept of stacking multiple financial building blocks to eliminate the need for down payments while providing 100% funding.


An except from the show can be seen here…

In recent years the company has expanded from providing one-on-one business coaching services to also providing group training through it’s live workshops.  Attendance at some of the comprehensive five-day workshops is provided at no charge to military veterans, first responders and their families through the donation of Mr. Keels’ time and money, and funding from individual contributors and corporate sponsors.




While it may be impossible to please every client, Beyond Breakeven, Inc. does everything within reason to provide client satisfaction. The company’s programs, policies and commitment to over delivering have provided BBI with a history and reputation of constantly improving on project deliverables resulting in impressive, supreme customer satisfaction.  In fact, this commitment to customer service and over delivering has resulted in a more than 99% customer satisfaction rating. Beyond Breakeven, Inc.’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evidenced by the company’s long-term relationship with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and adhering to its high standards, business practices and customer satisfaction.

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