Most of us have always wanted to be our own boss and own our own business. But, finding the money to do that stops most people from living that dream. Ed Keels the President of Beyond Breakeven, Inc. overcame that challenge years ago.

The problem is in our thought processes.  Most people think that the only place to get money is from the bank.  Well, the money is in fact at the bank, and primarily because they don’t often lend it to wannabe business owners.  Historically, 93% of the time banks have said “No” to small business loan requests.  Just because a bank won’t fund a deal doesn’t mean there are no business loans or business credit available for that deal.

Since 2003, Ed Keels and his staff at Beyond Breakeven, Inc. (BBI) have been helping wannabe business owners with deal structures that provide business loans and business credit when banks won’t.  In fact, BBI has developed more than one hundred ways to fund a business start-up or acquisition and do so with little to none of the entrepreneur’s own money.

For more than 17 years, BBI has been providing business consulting services helping people start and buy businesses with 100% funding.

For information on how we may be able to help you… visit www.IfTheBankSaysNo.com

Some client projects can be seen at our page:  www.Facebook.com/BeyondBreakeven


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