Terms of Purchase

Terms of Purchase - Basic and Elite Programs

  • Terms of Purchase of the “Buy a Business with Zero Down – Basic and Elite Programs: It is understood and agreed that the Purchaser of this program is buying an education program containing information on how to use leverage buyout strategies and resources provided, to buy businesses without having to use personal monies for a down payment. Purchaser further understands and agrees that the process involves an intense education, which cannot by its nature be undone nor returned. And, that deliverables with a monetary value that far exceed the purchase fee will be provided to them within the first few days of the process. For these reasons, Purchaser considers the engagement fee remitted through this transaction to be fully earned upon Purchasers’ submission of payment. Further, Purchaser agrees and understands that due to the educational nature and value of this program that there is no option to return the information for a refund or credit of any kind, and that all sales are final. Purchaser agrees to allow Beyond Breakeven, Inc. and or Profit Architects, Inc. to bill them through their chosen method and term of payment. Purchaser also understands that their project has a four-month time limit (Basic), six-month time limit (Elite) from date of purchase for completion and it is understood and agreed that this contract is non-cancellable. Purchaser understands and agrees that their level of success in buying a business is directly related to the purchasers’ efforts and his/her efforts alone. Purchaser understands that prompt and full disclosure of business and personal financials is essential to a timely and successful funding. Purchaser understands and agrees that a successful business acquisition requires, not only Purchaser to take appropriate and timely actions but also requires the cooperation of the seller, landlord, seller’s counsel and many times a business broker, all of which have their own agendas and goals. Hence, Purchaser agrees that Ed Keels, Beyond Breakeven, Inc., and or Profit Architects, Inc. and their employees, licensees or affiliates are not to be held liable for any loss Purchaser incurs that is directly or indirectly related to the Purchase and use of the information, products, and services included in this program. Purchaser understand that with their input and collaboration, Beyond Breakeven, Inc. will guarantee to deliver the following: * Review of Business Entity Options (i.e., LLC, C-Corp., or S-Corp, Sole Proprietorship, Partnership) * Development of Asset Protection Strategies * * Business Valuation and Valuation software (if a business acquisition is part of the project) * Entry and participation in the “Opening Doors to Business Credit 4.0” program (secrets to building corporate credit) * Contracts: Letter of Intent, Purchase Proposal, Purchase Agreement (when applicable) * Strategic Planning sessions * Pro Forma (first 12 months and year two and year three projections), Supporting Assumptions and Details, Cash Flow Analysis, Break-even Analysis * Schedule of Project Costs * Funding Plan (recommended deal structure utilizing leverage buyout (LBO) strategies and funding resources) * Proofing of All Documents for Completeness * Loan Packaging and Presentation to Appropriate Resources (when applicable) Both Purchaser and Seller agree that this Agreement is formed in the State of Florida and that Florida law shall govern this contract and any dispute between the parties. In the event of any legal dispute, legal action, or any other dispute that the sole and exclusive jurisdiction and venue shall be in the State of Florida, Hillsborough County and Purchaser consents to personal jurisdiction there. Further, in the event of a legal dispute being filed, the parties agree that the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover its attorney’s fees and costs. Purchaser agrees that Beyond Breakeven, Inc. and or Profit Architects, Inc. shall not in any event be liable for indirect or consequential damages of any nature, and that Beyond Breakeven, Inc. and or Profit Architects, Inc. liability shall be limited to the fee paid to Beyond Breakeven, Inc. and or Profit Architects, Inc. by Purchaser. During the term of this Agreement and after the agreement concludes or is terminated for any reason, the Parties agree that they shall not disparage nor make negative statements about the services provided under this Agreement. Purchaser understands and agrees that this information is proprietary, and copyright protected and is not to be shared or distributed in whole or part without the express written consent of Beyond Breakeven, Inc. Nothing contained in the program should be construed as legal tax and/or accounting advice. Any action taken regarding the information contained in our products or services should be undertaken only upon the advice and counsel of a trained legal and/or accounting professional.